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Fellow AI Beta FAQs
Fellow AI Beta FAQs

A general FAQ about the Beta program for Fellow's AI features.

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Which features are part of the beta?

At the moment, the features being beta tested as part of Fellow's AI beta are:

  • AI Suggested Topics

    • Automatically generates suggested talking points for your existing meetings

  • AI Agenda Builder

    • Automatically builds a custom agenda template for your meetings, and provides sample talking points for each section

  • Fellow Meeting Copilot

    • Automatically joins your meeting conference call, to record, transcribe, and summarize the meeting.

How do I get access to the beta?

You can join the waitlist for our AI features by signing up at here.

Note that while we are working to provide access to these features for everyone, we are prioritizing paying customers first.

Are there any additional costs to using these features?

These features will be free for the duration of the beta program.

While we would love to keep it free beyond the beta, we do incur significant costs for the delivery of AI powered features, and may start charging for them in the future.

But don't worry, we will send out ample notices to all customers prior to that point.

How much will these features cost after the beta program?

While we are working to keep costs down so we can provide AI-based features to all paid customers with minimal additional costs, some of the AI features will undoubtedly require additional fees.

At the moment, we do not have any additional details to share regarding future changes to pricing.

What languages do these features work with?

While some of our customers have successfully used our AI Agenda Builder and AI Suggested Topics features in multiple languages, with some languages performing better than others. AI powered transcription using the Fellow Meeting Copilot is only available in the languages listed in this article here.

At the moment, we are testing and developing all of our AI features exclusively in English, and make no claims as to the performance of these features in other languages (the output language will depend on the primary language used in your calendar events and existing notes).

When will these features be available to everyone?

As we are in the early stages of rolling out these features, we aren't able to share confirmed details on when these will be generally available.

Additionally, the final list of AI features, and the scope of these features, is subject to change.

Will the AI-enabled features be automatically turned on in my workspace?

If your workspace was created prior to June 5, 2023, no. A workspace admin will need to enable the use of AI features by explicitly turning on a feature toggle.

If your workspace was created on or after that date, the feature toggle will be on by default, meaning users in your workspace will have access as soon as they are admitted to the beta program or the features reach GA (general availability).

Can AI features be enabled for only for some users on my workspace?

No, admission to the beta program is on a workspace level. Once admitted, in order for any users to have access to the AI features, an admin must turn on the Artificial Intelligence feature toggle for the entire workspace. Access to the features cannot be limited to specific members or teams.

I got a notice that our workspace has been admitted to the beta program. How do I enable the AI features?

If you are an admin in your workspace, you can find the feature toggle on the Workspace Settings -> Security page (accessible to workspace administrators only).

If you are not an admin, you must reach out to your workspace administrator and have them enable the toggle. If you are not sure who your administrator is, you can find their name and email by visiting your User Settings page.

Can I disable the AI features?

Yes, you would be able to disable the AI features at a workspace level. Disabling these would not delete any information, it would only prevent future usage of the features.

Will my data be used for training purposes?

No, our AI sub-processors will not make use of customer data for training purposes.

What service providers is Fellow using to deliver these features?

At the moment, all of Fellow's AI powered features make use of APIs provided by OpenAI, makers of the powerful ChatGPT.

By using our AI-powered features, you are consenting to OpenAI processing the relevant data required to provide a response.

For the Fellow Meeting Copilot, two additional service providers are in use: Hyperdoc LLC (d/b/a Recall AI) and Deepgram, Inc. For more information on privacy and security questions pertaining to the Fellow Meeting Copilot, check the Fellow Meeting Copilot Security & Privacy FAQ.

You can always see a full, up-to-date list of our sub-processors here:

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