Fellow 4.0 is here! πŸŽ‰ In this update, we made sure that everything you need for your meetings is right at your fingertips, so you can focus on making decisions and getting back to work.

Our CEO, Aydin Mirzaee and Head of Marketing, Manuela BΓ‘rcenas, held an awesome live event showcasing how the newest version of Fellow gives you what you need when you it - before, during and after meetings! πŸš€ Catch the recording here. (1000+ people have already checked it out!)

πŸ₯ Here's what launched in Fellow 4.0 πŸ‘‡ (2 min must read!)


Meeting notifications (just-in-time)

Can't find that pesky little meeting link? Fellow will now send you a fancy notification just in time for your next meeting. 🀩

Simply hit Join, to, well, join! Gone are the days of being late because your calendar didn't load fast enough. Learn more

Companion mode

Once you've joined your meeting, you probably want to dedicate as much real estate as possible to the video call, while having Fellow open at the same time to keep the meeting productive.

When you join your meeting through Fellow's meeting notification, the notes will open in a neat little window docked to the side of your screen. 😍

Don't sweat it, no extra clicks needed! Learn More

Bookmarks and tabs

We’ve added the ability to add bookmarks to the top of your meeting streams! If you have any external links, files or content shared frequently during meetings, add it as a bookmark for easy access! Learn more

BONUS: You can add a Fellow note as a tab to another meeting stream. πŸ₯²

Improved action items

You asked, we listened.πŸ‘‚

We’re bringing you enhancements to action items that will allow you to better stay on top of your priorities! You can now group and sort your action items by project, due date, priority and stream. Learn more

P.S. There's a new tab to view any action items you’ve assigned to others. Learn more

Seamless event creation

Creating a new meeting in Fellow just got so much better. 😍

We’ve added a calendar view to make it easier to schedule meetings in Fellow by choosing a time that works for everyone! Learn more

Notification center

We've created a new section in Fellow for notifications. Here, you'll get visibility into any changes made to a meeting note, including new edits, mentions, comments and completed action items! ✍️

BONUS: You'll get notified when someone on your team has updated a key result.

New integrations with Confluence and Notion

Fellow now connects to some of your favorite wiki apps such as Confluence and Notion! πŸŽ‰

Export your notes to either Confluence or Notion to have your meetings notes live with your other documentation. Learn more

Available on the pro plan.

Improved image experience

Simply put, notes with images look better now. ✨

When adding multiple images to a meeting note, you'll now be able to effortlessly drag and drop images anywhere on the page and, collapse images when you don't want to show them. Learn more


Become a Fellow meeting expert πŸ’ͺ

By using tips from our Power Users at Fellow!

Power User Tip of the Month

Have private notes easily accessible during meetings. ✨

You can now add another Fellow note as a tab to any meeting stream using the new Bookmarks and Tabs feature released in Fellow 4.0!

Power Users have been adding their private Fellow notes as a tab, to document notes personal to them during meetings. 🀫 Learn more

Pro tip: Managers are adding a private notes tab to their 1-on-1 streams to quickly jot down notes and stay up to date with each of their direct reports in one place!


We’re really excited for you to give these new features and improvements a try. If you're interested in all the latest Fellow updates, check out our roadmap here or visit the 🎁 icon in the product.

And of course let us know what you think!

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