If you've read through a help article and are still running into an issue that you need help with, we've got your back!

To provide you with the best support, we would love to see a recording of the issue you're running into. You can use Loom.com or Vidyard, both of which are free services, to film your screen! With a screen recording we can get a much better understanding of what is occurring.

The more specifics you can include in the video or your message to us the better. Some examples of information to include:

  • Are you seeing any error messages? Where are you seeing the error message?

  • Is this happening in one stream or across all streams?

  • Are you running into this on the web browser or the desktop app? Or is it happening on both?

  • Are your teammates also experiencing this issue?

  • If you refresh your page, does the issue still persist?

  • If you clear your cookies for our website, do you still encounter this issue?

Once you're ready, feel free to send this information over to us at support@fellow.co for help, or use the Intercom chat bubble in the corner and we'd be happy to assist!

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