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Need inspiration? Check out some team-specific examples to get started.


Objective 1: Grow our corporate global business

Key Results:

  1. Hit company global sales target of $XX.

  2. Increase the company average deal size by XX%

  3. Reduce churn to less than XX% annually

Objective 2: Delight our customers

Key Results:

  1. Increase customer retention by XX

  2. Interview XX customers per month and get feedback

  3. Achieve an NPS of XX.

  4. Create 20 customer case studies

Objective 3: Delight our employees

Key Results:

  1. Achieve a weekly Employee Pulse Score of XX+

  2. Incorporate a “Win’s” section into our team meetings

  3. Host monthly Q&A sessions with executives


Objective 1: Boost social media engagement

Key Results:

  1. Increase the number of daily posts from X to X

  2. Increase the number of daily replies and interactions from X to X

  3. Increase the marketing links from X% to X%

Objective 2: Gain more subscribers to the email newsletter

Key Results:

  1. Increase the number of subscribers from X to X

  2. Increase the open rate of the email newsletter from X% to X%

  3. Create a content strategy for the next X upcoming months

Objective 3: Reduce the bounce rate % from the website

Key Results:

  1. Increase the CTR from X% to X%

  2. Conduct X A/B tests on various landing pages

  3. Increase sign-ups from the marketing website by X%


Objective 1: Increase sales in X Market

Key Results:

  1. Find X new customers in X market

  2. Implement a new sales training program for our X team

  3. Recruit X for our X market and team

Objective 2: Increase referral sales

Key Results:

  1. Create a partnership contract and proposal with X company

  2. Interview X partners

  3. Close X deals from partners

Objective 3: Improve the efficiency of the sales department

Key Results:

  1. Hire and onboard X new sales managers

  2. Ensure all of sales department completes X training

  3. Bring in X sales qualified leads

Customer Success

Objective 1: Increase product adoption

Key Results:

  1. Have at least X live touches in 100% of accounts

  2. Write engagement messages for X customer lifecycle points

  3. Improve NPS score to X+

Objective 2: Drive revenue with Customer Success

Key Results:

  1. Increase renewal rates by X%

  2. Reduce churn by X%

  3. Increase MRR by $X

Objective 3: Improve the efficiency of the customer support team

Key Results:

  1. Ensure all of CS department completes X training

  2. X% team maintaining a personal score of more than X

  3. Onboard X number of Customer Success Reps

Objective 4: Live chat goals

Key Results:

  1. Median first response 10 minutes

  2. CSAT X%


Objective 1: Develop an excellent company culture.

Key Results:

  1. Increase employee retention to X%.

  2. Conduct quarterly work satisfaction surveys across the company.

  3. Reach X% in average work satisfaction from the survey.

Objective 2: Improve internal document management

Key Results:

  1. Choose and launch a new document sharing platform

  2. Move X% of existing documents to a new system

  3. Have each team create their own directory structure for documents and share it with the organization

Objective 3: Improve infrastructure and IT

Key Results:

  1. Reduce service downtime by X%

  2. Create alternate backup sources in case of emergency

  3. Decrease response rate of IT Support by X

Human Resources

Objective 1: Increasing employee engagement

Key Results:

  1. Increase engagement score in surveys from XX% to XX%

  2. Increase survey completion by XX%

  3. Increase score on eNPS by XX%

Objective 2: Improve employee recruitment speed

Key Results:

  1. Attend X hiring events per quarter

  2. Invest in an ATS (applicant tracking system)

  3. Increase job ad spending to $X

Objective 3: Increase company culture

Key Results:

  1. Host one virtual team-building event per month with XX% attendance.

  2. Offer a development course each month with XX% participation.

  3. Facilitate weekly coffee chats between peers and colleagues with XX% participation.

Objective 4: Boost career development

Key Results:

  1. Add “career growth” conversations to all department’s 1-on-1 templates.

  2. Create career roadmaps for X roles in each department.

  3. Increase promotion rate by XX% in XX.

Software Engineering (Developers)

Objective 1: Build a world-class engineering team

Key Results:

  1. Hire X new engineers with a diverse top of pipeline

  2. Write X new posts each month on the engineering blog

  3. Employee NPS with XX% response rate and a score above XXX

Objective 2: Improve our developer experience

Key Results:

  1. Decrease build times in CI to X minutes

  2. Reduce average time to merge PRs to X days

  3. Eliminate test flakes

Objective 3: Maintain product stability

Key Results:

  1. Maintain X 9’s of system uptime

  2. Reduce the number of required hotfix deployments by XX%

  3. Implement a monitoring and alerting system


Objective 1: Increase community participation in product release

Key Results:

  1. Host a launch event for new product releases

  2. Increase the number of attends to the event by XX%

  3. Increase the number of early adopters for a new release by XX%

Objective 2: Improve the quality of product releases

Key Results:

  1. Reduce bugs during the development process by XX%

  2. Increase sprint capacity from XX to XX SP

  3. Individual developers contribute XX% more code reviews by the end of every sprint

Objective 3: Improve the stability of product releases

Key Results:

  1. Decrease unscheduled downtime from XX h to XX h.

  2. Decrease time between each release from XX days to XX days

  3. Decrease number of emergency patches from XX to XX per quarter


Objective 1: Improve Design Team Communication

Key Results:

  1. Conduct weekly team update meetings discussing roadblocks and solutions

  2. Add design updates in weekly company-wide meetings

  3. Host one cross-functional meeting a quarter

Objective 2: Having a world-class user experience

Key Results:

  1. Meet and collect feedback from partners in five different countries

  2. Reduce task completion time for users from X minutes to X minutes

  3. Communicate results and scores to the marketing team to highlight in social media post

Objective 3: Identify and improve on personal development areas

Key Results:

  1. Add feedback conversations in each one-on-one

  2. Conduct employee self-analysis after completing each project

  3. Conduct 2 training sessions by the end of the quarter

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