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OneLogin Integration guide (SSO)
OneLogin Integration guide (SSO)

How to configure the Fellow OneLogin integration for single sign-on

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Here is how to set-up the Fellow OneLogin Integration:

  1. Enable the OneLogin integration in Fellow

    1. From a workspace administrator account, navigate to the Account Integrations section in Settings, and then to the OneLogin card

    2. Click Next

    3. You will then see this form: (Keep this form open, it will be filled in the next step)

  2. Enable the Fellow integration in OneLogin

    1. In order to complete this, you'll need to be a OneLogin admin or ask your IT team for support. Log in to your OneLogin account, and navigate to Applications (URL: https://<your_workspace>

    2. Click at the "Add app" button

    3. Type "OIDC" in the search input and select generic "OpenID Connect (OIDC)" app

    4. Specify basic params and click "Save" at the next screen

    5. At the app detail page, navigate to the "Configuration" tab

      1. Set "Login URL" and "Post Logout Redirect URIs" as https://fellow-dev.localhost/auth/login/

      2. Set "Redirect URI's" as

      3. Then click "Save"

    6. Assign users to the app in any way, that you using in your OneLogin organization account

    7. Navigate to the SSO tab and copy client ID, client Secret and domain fields and paste them into related fields into Fellow. For the domain, you should use only your OneLogin workspace subdomain. For instance, if the issuer URL is then you copy only fellow-dev

    8. You should now have all the required values filled!

      Press the Save button. After saving, a test authorization with OneLogin will be performed automatically, and if it is successful, the integrations will be available to use in Fellow:

      “Integration is enabled” checkmark indicates that the test passed successfully.

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