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Syncing Teams in Fellow via OKTA
Syncing Teams in Fellow via OKTA

Groups syncing with the Fellow integration

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You can sync groups set up in OKTA to your Fellow instance. For this, your OKTA team admin or your IT team will need to make a 'push group' action to push over these groups into your Fellow teams. For further instructions no how to sync your groups please see OKTA's help center article about group push.

Groups are pushed to applications using one of the following two methods:

  • By name: An Okta application administrator selects groups from Okta to be created and updated in the target app.

  • By rule: You use a string in either the group name or description to push many groups at once. Group push by rule is not available for AD integrations.

The following are the known Group Push limitations:

  • Using the same Okta group for assignments and for group push is not supported. To maintain consistent group membership between Okta and the downstream app, you need to create a separate group that is configured to push groups to the target app.

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