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Choosing Team Meetings vs. 1-on-1 Meetings at Signup
Choosing Team Meetings vs. 1-on-1 Meetings at Signup

What happens when you choose team meetings or 1-on-1's at signup?

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When signing up for an account with Fellow, you will see a modal asking you to choose the meeting type you're interested in.

Choosing either team meetings or 1-on-1's will not determine which meetings you hold in Fellow. You will still be able to hold both meetings, regardless of your choice! The answer you choose only determines which page you land on when you start.

If you choose team meetings, the note you will land on will have more information on meeting notes, best practices, and more!

If you choose the 1-on-1 option, you will land on a similar page but with more information on 1-on-1's instead.

Note: Regardless of which note you land on, both notes will be available to you in Fellow. The get started with 1-on-1s is available in your 1:1 section, and the get started with meetings is an event on your calendar the day you joined Fellow, or it will be in your starred section if it's the one you chose!

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