Fellow 3.1 is live! We’ve released A LOT of new features in this batch. While the quantity of new features may seem overwhelming, we believe that these features will help improve the quality of your meetings and workflows.

First things first though, we recently hosted a live event showcasing these new features where some of our team walk you through how they work. 🎬 Check out the video here - it’s pretty cool. psst: Keep an eye out for the Fellow team catchphrase!

Now let’s dive into these features: 🤿

Meeting Automations

Use meeting automations to simplify your meeting workflows. Set up these automations to remind participants before a meeting, send recaps afterwards, and cancel meetings that have no agenda. Learn more about Meeting Automations

Objectives + Teams [BETA]

Goals, goals, goals! Individuals and team can add their own goals, objectives and key results in the Objective section. These objectives can then be visible to the whole company or reviewed during team meetings. Learn more about Objectives and Teams

Embeddable Media

Meeting notes don’t just need to contain text with fancy formatting. Instead make your meeting notes more engaging by embedding media from Figma, Miro, Giphy, Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo and Loom directly into the body of your meeting note. Learn more about Embeddable Media

360 Feedback and Anonymous Feedback

For managers conducting performance reviews, Fellow’s 360 feedback tool can help batch send out these requests. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll be impressed when you see this feature in action. Learn more about 360 feedback

Depending on the question, respondents may feel more comfortable responding to feedback anonymously. When you’re sending out a request to more than 3 people you’ll have the option to make the responses anonymous. Learn more about anonymous feedback



Sometimes words are not the right method to convey an idea, process, or summary. Record a Loom video without leaving Fellow, then include the video right into the meeting note. Great for async meetings, meeting recaps, etc. Learn more about our integration with Loom

Salesforce and Hubspot Integrations

Fellow's Salesforce integration has 2 main components - 1) see all relevant information about that customer in a side panel to the right of the note, and 2) once your call is done, easily send meeting notes into your CRM. Learn more about our Salesforce integration

For Hubspot users, don't fret! We will be releasing a similar integration for Hubspot CRM in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!


Asana integration

Connect a Fellow stream directly to a specific Asana project via your Stream settings. Learn more about our Asana integration

Google Chrome

With our Google Chrome extension, you can now take notes for ad-hoc meetings that were not scheduled on your calendar. Learn more about our Google Chrome extension

Performance + Search

We’ve prioritized improvements to Fellow's performance and search. But we’re not done yet! We’ll continue to iterate on this until Fellow is one of the fastest apps out there

And that’s Fellow 3.1!

Let us know what you think 🤔

Until the next update,


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