Fellow 3.0 is here! [Launching evening June 23]

In this release, we’ve revamped our in-app navigation to make it easier to access both meetings and streams, released the highly requested dark mode, and enabled comments & reactions.

Note: See these features in action AND hear from our CEO/co-founder by watching the recording of our Fellow 3.0 launch event.

New Navigation

Spend less time browsing and more time collaborating with teammates. We simplified our navigation to make it easier for you to find meetings and streams! Learn more

Dark Mode

Did anyone turn off the lights? 🌚 Say hello to Dark Mode! You can now toggle between a Light and Dark mode, or have Fellow sync to your OS settings. Learn more

Meeting Feedback

How can you know how your meetings are going if you never ask? With meeting feedback, meeting attendees can quickly let you know what’s working or what’s not working about your meetings so that you can iterate and make your meetings better. Learn more

Comments and Reactions

Comments: Leave comments directly on your meeting notes to ask questions, give encouragement, or even prompt asynchronous discussions. Learn more

Reactions: But you don’t need to just write what you feel. Instead, boost meeting engagement by adding emoji reactions to talking points, action items, or bullet points. You can even use this for in-meeting voting. Learn more

Public Links

Share a read-only link with people outside your meeting/company.


Sometimes, it’s important for meeting notes to be locked in and uneditable. In these cases, lock individual meeting notes to prevent other team members from editing that note in the future - they’ll still be able to check things off, but no content changes. Learn more

​New Feedback Question Type

There are some feedback questions that have more than 1 answer. Try the new multiple choice question type so that your respondents are able to check-off more than one box. Learn more

​Google Chrome Extension Improvements

Review your day and start preparing for your meetings by just looking at your Google calendar. You’ll be able to add to agendas without leaving your calendar, and be reminded by upcoming due dates. Learn more

​Multiple Calendars

Sync multiple calendars into your Fellow to keep everything linked and connected. Learn more

​Now, that’s a lot of excitement for one day!

Until next time,

👋 Mikaela

p.s. Are there any new features that you wanted to see on this list/added to Fellow? Send us a message

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