We’ve made some changes to simplify our navigation and make it easier for you to find your meetings and streams. With these changes, we hope you spend less time browsing and more time being productive and collaborating with teammates.

Here’s what you need to know about what’s changing:

Navigation Behavior

On the left side we’ve simplified our navigation bar down to three main areas: Home, Meetings, and Feedback. These now behave differently than in previous versions - clicking on an item will open a panel that is independent of the content you have open on the right. This means you can now switch between these panels at any time and not lose your place in Fellow. For example, you can view your calendar in the side panel, while browsing through past feedback in your feedback inbox.

Home Panel

The Home panel is now the central spot for quick access to the things you use most in Fellow. It’s an evolution of what used to be labeled “Streams”.

Quick links

The first thing you’ll see at the top of the Home panel are links to My Action Items, and Activity Feed.

My Action Items: This is where you can find all of the items that have been assigned to you across all of Fellow. You can use this section to prioritize and plan your action items. Learn more about the Action Items page

Activity Feed: Check the Activity Feed to see what changes your teammates have been making across your Workspace.

Home Categories

Below the Quick links are categories to help organize your content. Everything found in these categories are what we call Streams. Streams are digital notebooks in reverse time order to help you organize projects, share OKRs, and whatever else you dream up! Learn more about Streams

Starred: This category is where you can keep important Streams for easy and quick access. Star any Stream from the header for it to show up here.

Today’s Meetings: Each day this category will update to show you the events you have on your calendar that day. On the right side of these items you’ll see the time of the meeting, so you can make sure to prepare an agenda ahead of time. You can always view your full calendar view by clicking “View Calendar,” or by clicking the Meetings icon in the Nav bar.

1-on-1s: This is a list of all your 1-on-1s in Fellow. Managers and direct reports can use these 1-on-1s to collaborate on talking points & action items, exchange feedback, and track their interactions over time.

Other Streams: This category holds all of your private and shared streams. You can create new streams at any time to brainstorm with teammates, draft agendas, and so much more.

Streams in the Home Panel

We’ve made some changes to the way we display streams in the Home Panel. From left to right, each stream item is made up of an icon, stream title, and meeting time (if applicable). Here is a break down of each of these elements:

Emojis: We’ve removed the emoji picker from Streams, and moved the emojis into the title of the stream itself. This means you can customize your titles however you’d like in your Home panel, but also quickly be able to tell if a stream is private or shared. And bonus, we’ve already migrated your current emojis into your Stream titles so you don’t have to redo all that work.

Pro Tip: you can use your native OS emoji picker anywhere in Fellow. On a Mac, choose Edit > Emoji & Symbols, or use the keyboard shortcut: `Control + Command (⌘) + Space`. On a Windows machine, you can use the shortcut `Win + .` to invoke the emoji picker.

Drag & drop: You can still drag and drop your streams to rearrange them! Click and drag anywhere on a stream title to move it around within its category. Currently you cannot drag streams between two different categories.

The Rest

The Meetings and Feedback panels for the most part have not changed! We’ve made some slight visual changes but the functionality is the same. You can still plan your day, create events, and prepare your meeting agendas by selecting the Meetings item in the left navigation.

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