It seems like everyone is trying to save themselves some time with automation. And why not? An automated process can check something off your todo list without you having to lift a finger (besides the initial set-up that is).

One of the todos that you can automate is sharing the meeting agenda/notes with your team. The best way to do that would be to use the Slack Workflow builder. (More about that here).

And to further simplify the set-up process, here are the specific steps that you'll need to do to get everything started.

1 - In Slack, Navigate to Tools --> Workflow Builder

2 - Click "Create" in the upper right hand corner.

This will then prompt you to name your workflow.

3 - Decide how you would like the workflow to start.

For sending notes, we suggest using "Scheduled date & time". This way you can encourage meeting attendees to fill our the agenda 24 hours before the meeting starts. Or automatically send the notes after the meeting ends. Both scenarios have a fixed time when you'd want those notes shared.

4 - Then set the date and time when you would like to share the notes.

If it's a weekly meeting, we'd suggest setting a weekly recurrence. And choose a time of day that works for your team (for example, if you send them at 6am the notes might get lost in the rush of morning notifications)

5 - Add the next workflow step!

In this case, we've narrowed down the options to just Fellow. Then select "Send an editable note to a conversation" and add.

6 - Now it's all about where to send those notes.

First select the type of note that you would like to send to Slack. This could be a private stream so that you can prompt yourself to write in your daily planner. Or a meeting note to share with your team, etc.

7 - Specify what meeting notes should be sent to what channel

Select the name of the stream/meeting and select the Slack channel that you would like to notes to go to. This means that before the next instance of that meeting, those meeting notes will be posted to that Slack channel. In this example, notes for our Weekly Customer Meeting will be posted in the customer-ops channel.

Note: if you want to send notes to a private Slack channel, you might have to invite the Fellowbot to the channel first.

8 - If everything has gone smoothly, you should see this confirmation modal. And that's it!

Note: if you run into any error messages along the way, please take a screenshot and reach out to us! The fastest way would be through the chat bubble

Now you just have to wait until your schedule time to see that your notes have been sent.

After you've set that up, check out the other ways that you can automate using Slack + Fellow.

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