Ideally (if the settings is on), any incomplete action items will be carried forward to the next note while checked off/complete action items don't. In this example, of the three action items, only the 1 incomplete item is carried forward.

If this is not happening as it should, here are some trouble shooting tips:

Check your settings in the Note Wizard

By default, the "carry over incomplete action items from your previous note" checkbox is turned off/unchecked. You can enable this by clicking on the plus button at the top of the stream which opens the note wizard and checking off that box.

If you've already set this up, check the settings to make sure that this is still checked - another meeting attendee might have turned it off.

Review some of the note characteristics

This one is a bit tricky, but essentially it's all about having something to carry forward and having something to carry forward to. I'll explain.

First, there needs to be a new note for the carried forward items to go. If it's not a recurring meeting, these items won't be carried forward. If the single meeting is connected to another meeting, you may want to merge the streams together.

Secondly, there needs to be something to carry forward when the new note is created. Essentially, this means that if the new note was created before the action items were, then nothing will be carried forward. (The carry forward is a 1-time action and is not retroactive)

To check if this the cause (and that the mechanism is working properly), check your settings, make sure that there is an incomplete action item in the latest note (it can be a test if you would like), then create a new note by clicking on the plus button at the top of the stream.

If the item is carried forward, then you should be good to go. The mechanism is working! Just delete the note you created so that it works properly next time. (that way when you go to carry forward the contents you want, you won't run into the same issue)

Try to recall when the action item was created

This one is similar to the last. If an action item is created/added to an older note, it will not be carried forward retroactively to the new note that already exists. Or if an action item is unchecked later, it won't be part of the initial carry forward.

Carrying forward is in someways like a piggy-back ride, it's a one time carry forward. So if the action item misses the first trip, it stays with the original note.

(Also, this might be why some complete action items are being carried forward. i.e. they were marked as complete after the incomplete ones were carried forward)

Still not working? Contact Support

If it's still not working as it should, we'd love to help.

Send us a message with the name or url of the meeting stream and an example action item that should be carried forward but isn't.

If you are able, we'd appreciate a screen recording of what happens when you try to carry forward. :)

Don't worry if you create duplicate blank notes during testing. We can sort that out.

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