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Highlights and Time Cues:

(with links to help articles)

(0:08): Navigate to 1-on-1 section

(0:29): Reporting relationship labels

(0:49): Add people to 1-on-1 section

(1:15): The 1-on-1

(1:54): Prep for 1-on-1

(2:59): Private notes

(3:24): Suggested topics

(4:10): Rearrange talking points

(4:35): During the meeting

(5:07): Assign action items

(5:56): Send notes

(6:07): Triple dot menu

(6:37): Track action items

(7:30): New note

(7:45): Checkbox options (carry forward outstanding talking points/action items)

(8:40): Recurring 1-on-1s, note history

(9:10): Feedback tab

(11:34): Priorities tab

(13:31): Customize note (headers, create template, save template, etc.)

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