Now that you know all about the meeting section, are you curious to learn more the other sections in Fellow? Check out these videos on Shared Streams, Private Streams, and Action Items

Highlights and Time Cues:

(with links to help articles)

(0:09): Navigate to meetings section

(0:18): Calendar events + linked notes

(0:36): Recurring event

(1:19): Create note for upcoming meeting

(1:44): Prep for meeting

(3:35): Action item tab

(4:43): Private notes

(5:13): Send notes

(5:43): Note Wizard (choose template, checkbox options)

(7:12): Star a meeting

(7:32): Ask for feedback

(8:53): More Actions (Merge streams, archive)

(10:13): Agenda view of calendar events, browse past meetings

(10:40): Calendar view

(10:48): Triple dot option (ex. show all day events)

(11:04): Collapse panel

(11:16): Triple dot menu in note (version history, attach files, etc.)

(11:43): Edit/customize meeting note

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