Sometimes there are little details that go unnoticed. Here are 4 of them (and my favourite ones) in Fellow

1- Expand and See All the Attendees

If you are a part of a large meeting, you can hover over the number and see the remaining attendees whose faces weren't shown yet.

In this case, I can see the faces of Randy, Kim, and Armin, but I am not able to see 12 others. By hovering over the 12, I can see and scroll through the full list.

2- Insert a Shrug

At the bottom of the Slash menu, there is an option to include a cheeky shrug icon.

3- Search For Your Colleagues and Their Teams

If you are curious about who else in your organization is using Fellow, you can search for their name.

If they are on Fellow, you can click on their profile and see their team members.

4- Choose to See Cancelled/Declined Meetings

In the meeting sections, there are three vertical dots at the very top of the calendar/agenda view. If you click on this, it will expand and give you the options to hide cancelled, declined, and/or all-day events from your Fellow calendar.

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