So far 2020 has been quite the year…

We know many teams out there have started to work #remote and that you've been relying on Fellow to help make your work more productive. The team at Fellow has been working hard on new features and content that we think you'll really like!

Here is a recap of the highlights:

Shared Streams

Fresh off the presses, Shared Streams allow you and your team to collaborate on a note that is not tied to a meeting. This could be about a project, or process, team OKRs or something fun like a recommended reading list. Learn more about creating them here.



Streams/New Navigation!

Say hello to a cleaner, more streamlined navigation. To help reduce the number of places that you need to visit, we have combined the 1-on-1 and personal sections and our new shared streams into a new space called Streams.



Carry Incomplete Items Forward in Meetings

Make sure that nothing slips through the cracks by carrying forward incomplete action items/talking points from your last meeting into your most recent one. You used to be able to do this just in 1-on-1s, now you can do it in all meetings!



Workspaces allow for multiple teams within the same company to use Fellow and have their own spaces to work.

TL;DR - the way you login to Fellow changed so you now have a specific Workspace URL.


The Art of Meeting with Your Manager

Struggling with 1-on-1 meetings as a direct report? We’re here to help! Check out our ebook for tips and tricks to make your next 1-on-1 a little more painless.

Make Your Own Feedback Templates

In the past, the best way to share a series of feedback questions was to reuse the questions. No more - you now have the ability to create your own feedback templates, save it, and apply it again.


Meeting Agenda Templates

See our curated meeting agenda templates on our blog.​

You are now able to search for notes directly from the homepage. And you’ll be able to see a history of all the things that you recently searched for.

Send notes directly to a user in Slack

Use the FellowBot to send notes to a specific person, which means you no longer have to post to a public or private Slack channel. ​


That was a long update, thanks for sticking with us all the way through!

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