Navigating Between Workspaces

How to log-in, join, and switch between workspaces

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Logging in to a Workspace

If you are already all signed up and using Fellow, your company's domain will be You can then find other workspaces from there. 

Signing in to a Workspace

When you click the Log-in Button on the webpage, you will have the option to choose how you would like to sign-in. This can be with your companies GSuite or Office account. If you're unsure where to log-in, you can enter your work email and Fellow will send an email with a link to your specific workspace.

After you Sign-Up with GSuite or Office, you will see a page showing your company's workspaces. You can join an existing workspace (like the Marketing Team's workspace). 

Or log-in into one that you have already signed into. 

If you are signing into a new workspace, you will be prompted to compete your Profile Set-up and onboarding. 

See Which Workspace You Are In

In the top left corner of the navigation bar, there is an image of your company and/or your image. By clicking on this, you will see a pop-up showing which workspace. 

Switching Between Workspaces

If you would like to switch between workspaces, first click on your company image/profile image. The pop-up will open, showing your current workspace and has a "Switch Workspace" option right below. 

This will show you the workspaces that you are already logged into. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can click on the "Log in to another workspace" button and browse other workspaces within your company domain. 

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