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Starting Great 1-on-1s

Tips and Best Practices about how to use Fellow for 1-on-1s

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Check out this video to learn all the basics

If you're just getting started with 1-on-1 meetings (or think that your meetings could be better), here are some best practices to help make them as effective as possible.

We've also compiled hard-earned wisdom from impactful leadership authors, crafted templates and questions to fuel great conversations, and listed tips/tricks in this handy ebook!

Here are five key steps to have successful 1-on-1s: 

1. Schedule recurring 1-on-1 weekly or biweekly in your Office of Google Calendar. 

Then you can link that event in Fellow through either the no event icon or by clicking on set date & time:

2. Review previous notes

All your 1-on-1 meeting notes will be in 1 long note series to make it easy to review what you talked about last by scrolling down:

3. Collaborate on a meeting agenda

As a manager, you might want to encourage your direct report to add to the agenda, and add some points yourself as well. If you're struggling what to say, here are 200 example questions or you can check out some of our suggested topics.

4. Get in the right mindset

Remember that 1-on-1s are not just another meeting. 

5. Maintain shared document with notes and takeaways

Identify clear takeaways, so you and your direct reports know what the next steps are.

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We've got you covered with more information on our blog!

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