Just in time for the holiday season,
We're sharing a Product Update (with all rhyme and reason)

The BIG Cheese

[New!] Due Dates on Action Items!

Assign due dates for your team's actions
Keep it timely and reduce distractions.

Fellow's Mobile App 

A mobile app to use Fellow on the go
On Apple and Android with room to grow.

Feedback Revamp

Organized as an inbox, with privacy a priority
Feel free to ask about a teammate, yourself, or another authority


And don't forget the homepage, which fulfilled a need.
With relevant information, requests, and an activity feed.

The small Fry

We can't forget some of the smaller enhancements,
Together, they helped Fellow make quite the advancement

Drag and Drop

Now you can just drag and drop
Advancing your workflow straight to the top

Rich Text Experience in Private Notes

In your private notes, go format wild
Bold, Underline and make it styled

Merge Notes

And, if you find your notes in two different places
Merge the notes and cover all the bases


To summarize, improvements were made, some big and some small
All together, it's remarkable what's been done since the Fall

Now at the end of the 2019 year,
We at Fellow wish you nothing but holiday cheer! 🌟 

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