In practice, a 360 Review is the process of collecting feedback about your direct report from: 

  • Their Manager

  • Themselves

  • And any other team members

To do this is Fellow, click "Ask about someone on my team" in the feedback section or "Ask about ____" in the 1-on-1 section.

You will then see a feedback card similar to this:

In the case of a 360 Review, the context is:
I want to ask for feedback about (select your direct report)

Then choose your recipients - start typing the name of your direct report, yourself, and any team members that you think could provide valuable insight

Title the feedback request - (Direct Report's) 360 Review

Customize the questions that you would like to ask, preview and send

If you have multiple direct reports and you would like to re-use the same questions - you will have the option to do so right after you send your first piece of feedback. 

As people complete your request, you will be able to see the responses coming in and sort the response by questions or by person. 

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