There are two places to initiate feedback about a meeting - in  the 1-on-1 section or the feedback section. 

When you click on 'New Feedback', you will then be prompted with what type of feedback you would like give or ask for. 

On the feedback card, there are 4 Areas to Fill Out: 

  1. Set Context - The purpose/intent of the feedback, what the feedback is about 

  2. Add Respondents - Who you would like to ask for feedback And/or who you would like to share the feedback with. The attendees of the meeting will be auto-populated as respondents

  3. Add Subject - Let others know what this feedback request is about

  4. Customize Questions - Choose the type of question(s) that you would like (Short answer, Long Answer, etc.). Browse potential question templates and add as many questions as you wish. 

The final step:

Save Draft or if you're happy, Preview and Send. 

After the feedback is sent, you will still be able to add/and or remove attendees (unless they have already responded - indicated by a lock icon) and share the responses with another team member.

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