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The redesigned homepage makes it easy to see what meetings are upcoming, see any incomplete feedback requests and action items, gain insights into what your team is up to, and access management content. 

Key Features: 

A - Star Items: Favourite or bookmark meetings/note streams to have easy access to important meetings or personal notes. You can star an item by going into that meeting/note stream and clicking on the star animation. 

B - Activity Feed: Know if someone has added to an upcoming meeting note, completed an action item, or sent a feedback request. (You can also hide this section if it's getting distracting)

C - Add Teammates: If you have any teammates or direct reports who have not signed up for Fellow, it’s easy to invite them directly from the homepage. 

D - Respond to Feedback Requests: It’s easy to forget to fill out a feedback request. It could have come at a time when you were really busy and focused on something else. Or maybe you just needed to think things over. On the homepage, you can see how many outstanding feedback requests that you still need to fill out.

E - Upcoming/Priority Meetings: Quickly see any upcoming meetings and see if there is any agenda that was prepared. 

F - Action Items: Quickly see what you (and your teammates) need to do!
In this section, teammates refer to people who you've had meetings with. So you can see what action items are assigned to the other meeting attendees and how they are progressing. 

G - Management Content: Fellow has accessible resources to help you learn some tips and tricks about making the most of your 1-on-1 meetings, team meetings, and a lot of other things. 

H - Smart Insights: Get Smart Insights to “nudge” you in the right direction. Fellow will let you know if you haven’t had a 1-on-1 meeting in a while, or if you haven’t provided feedback. Fellow’s there to help so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

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