Using your Private Note Series

Tips and ideas about how to make the Private Note Series Section work for you

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Private note series are private and personal. Depending on your work style, you can build and format a personal section that works for you. Fellow has some built-in suggested templates like a daily planner, a personal journal, and a reading list. But you can adapt the Personal section to work for you. 

Here are some ideas of what you can do: 

Track your Impact

It’s easy to forget all the important things that you get done in a year. Come review time, it’s useful to have a place to refer back to see all your completed projects, important decisions and amazing accomplishments.

Project Specific Tasks

Projects often have a lot of tasks. If you discuss a project in a meeting and are assigned action items, you can drag the action items into your private note series to keep yourself on track. It’s also useful to breakdown some larger tasks into smaller components. 

Brainstorming/Idea Tracking

It’s useful to have a place where you can record all your great ideas. Maybe you have an idea for a new project, or a new campaign, or a blog post? You may not have the time to explore the idea, but it’s important that your ideas don’t get forgotten. Sort of like a mind dump.

Personal Goals

You may have some goals that you don’t necessarily want to discuss with your manager. Maybe you want to run a marathon or eat healthier? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to read that article? In Fellow, you can collect them all.

Have fun customizing your private note series! 

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