Check out this video for a full overview!

We have added some ‘goodies’ to our analytic dashboard. Now, there is more information about how your company is using Fellow and how individual people are doing. And you can export the data and do fun stats stuff (if that’s what you like!). 

Here is a feature breakdown:

  1. Look at the company or team level. (depending on what you are interested in!)

2. Choose a date range. You can compare 1 quarter to the next. Or maybe you introduced a new initiative in June and wanted to see how that affected things?

3. Graph of Feedback Activity. See how many feedback requests are being sent and how many are still pending… and how much direct feedback was provided. 

4. Look at how a specific person is doing. You can see how they are using feedback, action items, and talking points. Or if you are a competitive person like me, you can see how you stack up with your colleagues!  Technical Notes: Action Items and Talking Points are tabulated based on what is assigned to the person, regardless of the creator or note (including notes in the personal section). 

5. Export to a CSV file. When you click the export button, this pop-up will appear allowing you to download your file. You can then import the CSV file into any stats or analysis program that you like. Go wild!

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