Hey there,

I am always excited about a new release, but hold on because these new features might just blow you away πŸ’¨Β 

1) Personal

This is your space to create streams that allow you to organize your day, reflect on your learning and take care of #1 (psst- that's you).

We heard you loud and clear that you want to be able to organize your action-items so that you can plan out your day. Now you can drag in action items from your sidebar into your daily planner - and that’s just the beginning!

2) New 1-on-1 InterfaceΒ 

Your 1-on-1s section got a fresh look, with a new Relationships sidebar that allows you to jump quickly between 1-on-1s. Β 

And you thought Fellow was cool yesterday 😏 Now go work on building great relationships Fellows- both in your 1-on-1s and with yourself! If you have any questions about the new Personal streams, send me a message.

Talk soon,Β 

Ally πŸ‘‹

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