Fellow's meeting feature is collaborative and inclusive, enabling everyone on the team to contribute to the agenda and be a part of the discussion! You can set meeting agendas, add notes in real time and assign tasks among other things...

Scroll through recurring meeting history 

See everything that you have discussed in previous meetings including action items and talking points. Have anything that you didn't get a chance to talk about? You can carry those items forward by dragging the item(s) between notes.

Keep private notes 

Add private notes alongside your shared document notes to keep everything in one place. If you meeting document is private notes will move with you as you scroll.
If share your screen in the meeting, you can hide your meeting notes from view by clicking the eye icon. 👁

Save templates to stay organized 

Customize a document format to make it your own- then save it as a template to use for future meetings. 

Ask for meeting feedback

Ask for meeting feedback to make sure that you and your team are getting the most out of your meetings.

Meet your meeting potential! Give it a try in the app

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